Goodwood Sprints

BHMC organise two Sprints annually at the historic Goodwood Circuit in West Sussex. The Bailey Sprint takes place in May and the Eagle Sprint in August.

What are Sprints?

Sprinting is a great way to break into motorsport. The basic concept is a single lap around the track against the clock. These normally take place around a race circuit or a made up track around an old airfield. Normally they consist of 1 timed lap practice from a standing start then three more standing start laps for the actual competition, with the best time counting as your result. 

To get started, there is an initial expense of a set of race overalls at around £250, a crash helmet from around £200 and a set of gloves starting from around £50 a pair. You also need the Interclub MSUK license which in 2023 was £74.00. You can get plenty of advice from all the guys down the clubhouse on a Wednesday night.

The Brighton and Hove Motor Club organise two sprints each year around the famous Goodwood circuit near Chichester. A third event is the famous Frosts National Speed Trials along Madeira Drive in Brighton. Madeira Drive is also the home of our own Club house which is open every Wednesday evening from 19.30 to 22.30. 

If you are thinking of competing, any of these are well worth popping along to have a look at what goes on. Have a chat with the drivers and officials to get advice and guidance on the sport. 

At the clubhouse we have a driving simulator so you can experience driving at race speeds around many different circuits including Goodwood. This would help learn the track before venturing out with your own car, as well as pitting yourself against some of our regular sprinters. 

There are a wide range of classes in sprinting, from standard small road cars up to wild full blown race cars. Many people start with just their regular road car, then once they have got the bug, progress up through the classes to where ever your budget will allow. It is a very friendly sport with people happy to help with advice and encouragement. Again, down the club most weeks there are some regular sprinters and officials which are always happy to share advice and their experiences with you. 

Bailey Sprint
4th May 2024

Eagle Sprint
3rd August 2024


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